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Thanks to a close collaboration with the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz—Museum Gunzenhauser and important private collections, the Ernst Barlach Haus is able to show significant paintings from the years to The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by Edition Minerva, Munich pages with colour plates, German, hardcover. Strong and sensitive As a young talent in s Paris the German painter Helmut Kolle Charlottenburg — Chantilly enjoyed tremendous success: famous colleagues, critics and collectors all praised the remarkable quality of his art.

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Data: Oil on canvas printed poster, 34 x By Frederic Stanley, undated. Name: Gunners in Action poster "Suppose it won't do it's job? Data: Oil on canvas poster, 35 x By Harry Morss?

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Name: Mounted Patrol. Collection G. By D'Obrich, ? Name: Motor Drawn Artillery. Data: Oil on canvas, 32 x By Strauss, undated.

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Name: Kameraden Comrades. Data: Wounded man carrying another over his back. Data: Oil on cardboard, 29 x By Peter Paul Etz, Data: Oil painting by Hans Kinder, Name: Evacuation of Chinese Wounded. Collection W. Data: Watercolor, 23 x 19 by Howard Baer. China, Name: Physiotherapy. Oil painting on canvas in frame, 30 x By Robert Benney, undated.

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  6. Data: Painting on plywood, 29 x Sternberg, undated. Name: Head of a Soldier. Data: Portrait- Soldier with bandaged head. Oil on canvas, 21 x 15 by Otto Engelhardt-Kyffhauser, undated.

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    Watercolor, 22 x 18 by Howard Baer. Name: Ritterkreuztrager Kapitan- Leutnant Metzler. Data: Oil painting on plywood warped , 29 x 34 by Karl Storch, undated. Data: Oil on canvas, 27 x 34 by Paul Roloff, undated. Name: South Sea Island Paradise. Data: Info on attached card- Stately palms swaying in the breeze, eternally green foliage, white sandy beaches kissed by warm chameleon waters, straw-skirted hula girls- the average American pre-war conception of life in the South Pacific.

    This version by artist Bogge features uprooted, broken palms, a discarded plasma bottle, bloodsoaked bandage, empty first aid tins, and spent syrette- signs of mercy once meted out by men of the Medical Corps. Oil painting on canvas, 37 x By Franklin Boggs, Name: Ritterbreuztrager Kapitanleutnant Zurn. Source: OKW-Meer. Data: Oil on canvas, 19 x By Hans Kinder, Name: Stettin Harbor. Oil, 21 x By Karl Storch, undated. Data: Oil painiging on cardboard, 39 x By Helmut Georg, Name: SS Gruppenfuhrer Schaub. Name: OB Ltn. Fritz Pollmann. Data: Extra painting by the artist on back of the canvas called "Komd Eives v or n?

    Name: Portrait Soldier - Head of a Soldier.

    Data: Oil on beaver board, 19 x Name: Open Wide Field Denistry. Data: Info on attached card- The Abbott Collection. Pen Sketch by Howard Baer. Name: First Aid Station. Place: Russian Farm Building. Data: Oil painting on fireboard or fiberboard? By Hans Rossmanit, Name: Der Spaher The Observer. Name: SS Guard the East. Data: Oil on canvas, 31 x By Ilse Krell, Name: Gauleiter Wagner. Oil on canvas with plaster of paris frame, 28 x 21 by Kunzler, undated. Name: Interlude. Data: Oil on canvas, 20 x By Capt.

    CE Frede Vidar, Name: Our Commander. Data: Oil on canvas, 28 x By Leo Poeten, Name: Brandi. Data: Oil on canvas in frame, 33 x 28 by Capt. Sidney Simon, L. Manilla, P. Name: Jacob Dickinson. Collection H. Oil on canvas, 40 x 46 by Ralph Clarkson, undated.

    Name: Signal Service. Oil on canvas by W.

    Imkamp, Name: Bombs for Africa. Data: Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 by Wilhelm Strauss, undated. Name: From list German Soldiers. Data: written on frame back is "Kameraden. On the lower right front unable to read the date in image , undated. Name: Field Gray. Data: Oil on canvas, 47 x 26 by Albin Tippmann, undated.

    Name: Portrait Hoffman - Staatssecret Gen. Mayor H. Data: Oil on canvas, 47 x Source: Adolf Hitler. Oil on canvas, 32 x Name: Polenksmpfer. Data: HDK- must be date secured from Germ. Watercolor on cardboard, 39 x By Prof. Franz Eichhorst, painted by artist. Name: Portrait of SS Man. Source: Himmler. Data: Oil on canvas, 41 x 26 by R. Hieger, undated. Name: Adolph Hitler.

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    Source: RC. Data: Oil on canvas, 42 x 30 by R. Zill, Name: Ritter Von Epp. Data: Oil on canvas, 27 x Kaiser, Name: Sea Rescue Service. Data: Oil on canvas, 40 x 29 by W.