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It's a pleasant little kingdom Full of pleasant little days There are charities and lectures And flowers to raise There are amateur dramatics And Quidditch matches And I go to civic luncheons When there's someone to remind me And I study the piano And I never look behind me It's a merry little kingdom Full of merry little chores Lots of gardening and fixing All very outdoors In the driveway is a sports car I shouldn't have bought And if on occasion I think about you I eliminate the thought So I read a little here And I sew a little there And the children disappear And the castle needs repair And I never shed a tear And I never turn a hair And then!

It's a pleasant little kingdom Full of pleasant little things Full of scintillating dinners With neighbouring kings There's a castle in the country For weekends of rest And we entertain at parties In the little time remaining And we're entertained by others And it's very entertaining An efficient little kingdom The dominion of the Queen Where at any given moment The ashtrays are clean There are many little battles Which never are fought And if on occasion I think about you I eliminate the thought So I write another book And I head another drive And we take a trip we took And the dinner guests arrive And unless you really look You would think we were alive And God help me Sally, I've loved you all my life!

Written by: Stephen Sondheim. To run? To hide? That's the life you're making Grace live! But here, she can have anything she wants. Just like Juanita. So she could become a spoiled girl who never thinks of others, just like Juanita. There is nothing wrong with my kid. No, you're right. It's not her fault she's being raised by a bad mother. And if a life of running and hiding keeps that from happening to Grace, then that is what I'll do.

Desperate Housewives S 7 Ep 09 - Pleasant Little Kingdom

So we'll just tell people that you slipped in the bathroom and bumped your head. We're old, people expect that. What were you thinking with that book? I thought it would add a little spice. Kama Sutra. Kama sutures! Where did that come from? Wasn't there yesterday. Take these. Take these home. I gotta make sure people know about this. What is that, a jail? I called the city. They say it's "transitional" housing for felons under house arrest.

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A halfway house for convicts on our street? The city bought this house? I did. You're responsible for this? Sure am. What could you possibly be thinking? The day I was released from prison, I felt so blessed. I knew that I was coming home to the loving embrace of this beautiful neighborhood. And most inmates, when they're released, don't have that kind of support. Most of them are isolated, which leads them to commit more crimes. Bringing them to a place like this, where they can interact with folks like you, might just keep a few of them from making that unfortunate choice.

Come on, Paul.

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We've got children here. And I'm not spending my golden years borrowing a cup of sugar from drug dealers and rapists. I'm all for charity, but our neighborhood can't handle something like this. Apparently, I have more faith in you people than you do. Oh, my God. In a way, this halfway house will be a testament to how I feel about each and every one of you. I've really got to start knocking.

Lynette asked me to bring over this birthday card that got delivered to her house by mistake. Thanks so much. You can toss it.

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You're not gonna read it? Come on.

Someone who loves you took the time to send a card. Frank at Midtown Dental. You're due for a cleaning. So it's your birthday, huh? Do you have something special planned? I haven't celebrated my birthday since the third time I turned Hey, what do you say you and I go out? No candles, no cake, no singing. Just enough booze to wash away the pain. Why do you assume I'm in pain? Uh I was talking about my pain. I've really been missing Mike since he's been in Alaska and I have a bunion that's bothering me Fine, fine. We'll have dinner. Let's just make it early. I want to have a back-up dinner lined up just in case this one gets too depressing.

Oh, I promise you're gonna have a great time. Hey, there's my favorite lawyer. As it happens, I need some good legal advice. You mean free legal advice. Well, yeah, free is good. So, let's say, hypothetically, I know a woman who's in this country illegally You mean Carmen? She's not the only illegal I know. Half of Carlos' family scaled a fence at some point. Now, let's say this woman's daughter is an American citizen. You mean Grace? Still hypothetically. Now, could the daughter stay here with another family if, say, somebody anonymously reported the mother to Immigration?

Yeah, as long as it's not the somebody who called Immigration, because hypothetically she'd be burning in hell. Come on, Carmen wants to drag Grace all over Guadala-somewhere, while Hector figures out a way to sneak back into the country. Gabby, you can't do this.

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They're a family. Just tell me, is it legal or not for me to keep her? Yes, technically, it's legal, but just because something's legal doesn't make it right. Okay, geez, you don't have to jump down my throat. Like I said, it was just hypothetical. Yeah, hi, can I get the number for the Immigration Department, please? What do you want for dinner? Pasta, meat loaf?